2019 Nissan Leaf Announced & Trip To Birmingham

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Just after getting back from a trip to Birmingham for a family event the expected news from CES came through about the 2019 Nissan Leaf. There had already been plenty of rumours about what was coming with the new version of the generation 2 Leaf and there were no big surprises. The new size for the battery is 62 kWh which is more or less as was expected. So that’s about 50% more battery available and consequently 50% longer range. I suppose the range is going to be somewhere around 400 km. It’s been confirmed that there isn’t any liquid cooling/heating for the battery. Plenty of the Rapidgate detractors of the 40 kWh version are complaining even before tests show us how it’s going to work in practice. Is the battery going to get hotter with it being squashed into the same physical space as used by the 40 kWh car? What is the battery management system going to do to the charging speeds which have also increased with this car. Most CHAdeMO charges tend to be of the 50 kW variety. This latest Nissan Leaf will be capable of a faster charging speed, so it will still be possible to go from 20% battery to 80% battery in about 40 minutes. Just so long as you can find a CHAdeMO charger capable of those higher speeds. For most people that’s not going to make a lot of difference for the moment.

2019 Nissan Leaf

2019 Nissan Leaf E Plus – Nothing New to See

The 2019 Nissan Leaf doesn’t look any different on the inside or the outside of the car. It might just be noticeable when you’re in the driving seat there is a new slightly larger screen. It is supposedly of a higher quality with better resolution and better touch sensitivity. For those of us using Apple Carplay or Android Auto is not going to make much difference because we control most of what we need using our voice.

Prices going up to pay for the improvements with the2019 Nissan Leaf

There is supposed to be some improvement to the Pro Pilot Assist, but will have to wait until there are proper test drives and reviews before we can comment on this. Are the cameras and sensors new and improved? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and find out when the car properly hits the road. Nissan have said the 40kWh car will still be available and the 2019 62kWh Leaf will be about €5000 or €6000 more expensive. I still don’t know the full details on pricing I’ll update this post when I more information. With the new improvements and the new prices people will be comparing closely with the Hyundai Kona, Kia eNiro and the Tesla Model 3. You might not have to pay too much more to get the Tesla and for many people that will be worth spending the extra cash. It also will be interesting to see what’s coming soon with the Hyundai Ioniq which should be amazing with a larger battery.

Travelling to the UK

Birmingham Canal

I drove my 2018 Nissan Leaf to Barcelona Airport en route to the UK. This time I didn’t charge the vehicle before going into the car park because it was early in the morning. Decided it would be a better option to charge the car on the way back after the trip to Birmingham. It was an easy job to pull into the charger nearest to the Barcelona airport before travelling home. There’s a fancy hotel next to the AMB charger where it was okay to take some refreshments are waiting for the charger.

Electric Powered Public Transport

While in the UK we did make use of some electric transport. There was the trip from the Birmingham International railway station next to the airport into the city centre. This was with an electrically powered train. All of the bus transport we used was using big old diesel engines, but at least they shut off when parked. They were not pumping out noxious fumes while idling at any of the bus stops. There was one trip on an electric tram from the jewellery quarter back into the Birmingham city centre. I like trams, there used to be lots of them in cities across the UK many years ago and they were all ripped out to make way for cars. It’s a very modern idea to put them back again and get rid of the cars. I was amazed at the low level of traffic within the city centre. Some of the streets had been made pedestrian only. I remember when I was a young lad driving down some of the streets in my car or on my motorbike. Many of them now are completely pedestrian, some are trams only, while others allow buses. Even the roads where cars were allowed I thought the level of traffic was extremely low. This is good news for the city centre. I did think that there could have been more effort to make cycle lanes both within the city and also on the roads going out to the suburbs. Didn’t see any electric scooters as I saw in Barcelona. That’s down to the laws of the UK not allowing them on pavements or roads. That should be changed.

2019 Nissan Leaf
Old Birmingham Pub

Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Birmingham

While walking around the city I did spot a couple of charge points. There was one around the back of the Birmingham City Art Gallery and Museum. We didn’t see any cars charging while walking past it. Whilst in Sutton Coldfield, my sister informed me there were chargers just round the corner from the restaurant. She told me they were often in use, so we can assume there are some electric cars around even though I didn’t see any on my travels.

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