Electric Car Trip To Girona

I went to Girona principally to buy a new windscreen wiper for my Leaf and also to look at the local prices of the Xiaomi M365 Electric scooters. I was shocked at the price of the wipers at the Nissan dealer. €75 is more than double what I expected to be paying. I went to a motor parts shop and bought the one I needed for €25 which was also expensive, but the two other cheaper brands in the shop didn’t have the right size. Still, can’t go wrong with a Bosch product. After getting the wiper sorted I went to the shopping centre saw the Same electric scooter priced at between €370 and €399. I have seen it cheaper on Amazon And that’s probably where I will end up getting it. The idea behind the scooter is the last kilometre travel. I want to park the car in the free car parking in a city and use the scooter for the last part of the journey. These scooters are incredibly popular in Barcelona. Great to leave in the boot of the car for that extra bit of e-mobility.

Spotted a Tesla Model 3

I went to the Electric car charging Area of the shopping centre and plugged in. I still expect the Tesla Model 3 to be as rare as rocking horse droppings as they are so new. So I was surprised to see one in Girona parked up. A Dutch owner on his travels in Europe. I had a walk around the car an took pictures and notice the screen inform me the Sentry Mode was activated. No guns or grenades were deployed but the owner must be happy to know his car is safe. I wasn’t in the shopping centre for long and didn’t add too much electric power to the battery of my Leaf. Nice to get free charging. A bit of a pain to have to go to the information desk and tell my life story to get the to turn on the charger. It’s much better when you can just plug in without all that palaver.

New Rapids near Home

I saw on Plugshare app there is a new rapid charger in Sagaro at my favourite beach. I thought I would take a trip to check it out. Well it was certainly there, but not yet switched on. The ground had been painted and it all looked great but not yet ready for use. Next I went to the charger place near the Harbour end of the beach at St. Feliu de Guixols. Same story, looking pretty but not yet ready to go. Both had signs saying ‘No Funciona – Out of Order’ They were supposed to be ready for the end of August but is taking a bit longer to set up. The St. Pol beach charger was already in Plugshare and I added the one in St. Feliu. I named it after the bar it is next to – Corsairi, which means Pirate. The bar is built into caves cut into the rock.

Rapid Charger in St. Feliu de Guixols

One more job on the way home

Had to buy the dog some food so went to the shopping area at the top of the town. I would have plugged in to the Type 2 charger there but both were in use. One was a red Audi which is a PHEV and is always plugged in at that charger. The other was a Renault Zoe. It had been there for over 4 hours and pulled in about 20kWh. The other car was only there for an hour and had sucked in only a small amount of charge. I didn’t need to fill up the battery but it is always a shame to miss out on some free charging. I did also see another Nissan Leaf at the bus station charger as I drove past. I think we will need more chargers around the town soon. Rapids are OK but more of the Type 2 connections should be installed. I must put in a word in my local town and see if they will add a charger or two.

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