Art Gallery Trip – Leaf Rat Run

Following the stupid GPS

Or is the driver stupid for following the GPS? It was the day of the road trip to France I wanted to go visit a modern art museum in the small town of Cerét in France. The trip was unsuccessful with the museum closed until April. I thought I was onto a winner going on a Wednesday because it is normally closed on a Monday. Guess what, from April my day off will be on a Monday. I can try again in October. As I was making my way to the charging point in Cerét I was following the GPS. It suggested I should take a turn which in terms of compass direction was correct.

Electric Car Charging

Breathe in Rosie

I was only a short way into this narrow street rat run when I started wondering about my sanity. I got into one situation where I couldn’t go forwards and reversing all the way out was going to be a little difficult. So I reversed back part of the way and there was another street going forwards. I took that despite it looking rather narrow. We made it through without scratching any bodywork including the door mirrors. “Ha, ha, success I’m brilliant.” I thought to myself. I hadn’t got much further when I arrived in a small town square. It didn’t look like there was any way out. I did the sensible thing and asked a local if it was possible to exit on the other side of the square. He told me no and you’ll have to go back the way you just came in. “Oh shit! It’s gonna be hard to turn the car around and I hope nothing is coming through the road while I’m trying to get out.”

After the event it’s quite easy to think, “Well that was fun”, but during the event I have to say I was kind of crapping myself. It’s certainly taught me a lesson with regards being reliant upon the GPS. It wasn’t as bad as the guy who drove down a country lane and nearly drove off the end of a cliff. There was a definite possibility I could have badly scratched the car. I did start to wonder if I would need to have a can opener in order to extricate myself and Rosie.

The car charging experiment

Révéo Charger

My main task for the day was to find one of the newer Révéo chargers to see what power output I would get from it. My previous experience with the charger in Cerét was a disappointing 3.3 kW. My plan was to try a charging point not too far away where I knew it was one of the newer versions. I had used it before, but I hadn’t taken any notice of how much charge was going into the car. At the time it was just important Rosie was plugged in and getting some charge while I was away getting some food. So after my disastrous visit to Cerét I headed towards Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts . I did have to squeeze Rosie in between a tree and a parked lorry. Apart from that though, no problem. Pulled in and plugged in. I was delighted to see the car was charging at 6 kW which is a reasonable charging speed for a destination type charger. When you’re in a place for an hour or two you can get a reasonable number of kilometres back into the battery. I’d have liked to stay there for the full hour, but I was running short of time. I did add 6% into the battery while I had my little picnic.

Broken shopping centre charger

I needed to stop for a comfort break at the shopping centre at La Jonquera. It was a good opportunity to test the chargers in the underground parking space. The last time I was there they didn’t work. I can confirm there is still a problem with these chargers. Same as before, I thought at first it was working. The lights on the charger stubbornly refused to change from green to blue. I left with the same amount of battery energy in the car as I had when we pulled in to the parking space. I’ll have to find some way of letting the shopping centre know that their chargers are non-functioning.

Fossil car fallback

I needed to get back to home for a certain time. It was necessary to pick up my wife and go to choir practice. I am enjoying singing with the Costa Brava Rock Choir. It’s a bit of fun and you can’t help but have a happy smile on your face when you’ve finished. There was enough juice to get back to the house. It did turn out a little bit tight with me arriving back at home with 3% battery. The car was talking to me giving me warnings about low battery. Rosie was begging me to go and find a charging point. She was just a little bit thirsty! I still had 44 km to get to the choir practice and Rosie wasn’t going to do it. It would have been good if we had a second electric car to fall back on. That is not the case and so we had to use the Renault Kangoo which is what my wife drives, for the trip. At least I got to be chauffeured following my 240 km trip for the day. If I had just another 15 minutes to spare I would have pulled into a rapid charger on the way back. I did drive past five rapid chargers I could have used. If I hadn’t wasted time going up those tiny rat run streets in Cerét trying to find the parking place for the art museum, I’d have been okay. Had a fun day out driving Rosie in France and learned a few things along the way.

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