Be Good and Geeky

Learn How To Be A Geek

Having an electric car for the moment is something a geek might do. A geek is someone who likes to get the most out of technology and be at the forefront of software and hardware. On the Good and Geeky website you can find out more on the subject of using your computer devices to improve your life.

Mostly Apple Universe

On my site it is mostly about using Apple devices due to my preference for the Apple Technosphere. I like being able to be working on some text on my iPhone and immediately when I sit down at my desktop computer it is there ready and waiting. I can even add text to documents via my Apple Watch. I think it’s great all of my devices are basically one single platform for me to use. Sometimes it’s good to sit in an office chair and to put my feet up on the desk dictating into Drafts app. Other times I will be out and about using my iPad or iPhone to create digital content.Click edit button to change this text. 

Home Automation Is Fun

There is one area where I am not using Apple exclusively. I have four Amazon Echo devices and I like talking to them to get things done. Many of the items which I control with my voice I could also control using Siri. It’s just that it was more expensive to go down that route. Also at the time when I got my first Amazon Echo the Apple Home Pod couldn’t really do that much. Apple had positioned it more as a smart speaker, with the emphasis on speaker. I’ll be sticking with Amazon devices for this although there are times when I am tempted to just spend the money and buy the Apple Home Pod. It is a fun thing to say “Alexa, night night.” and it turns off the television and all the lights in the house.

I also have motion sensors in the house so I don’t have to use my voice to control stuff. I only have to walk into a room and things can happen. For the moment I use it to control lights, but also could get to play music. Perhaps the Internet of things will grow over time and I’ll be able to add more things to the home automation system.

It’s also cool to set up things based on geolocation. When all people of the house leave we could have it so the house sets the temperature lower and also turns off all the lights.

Getting Seriously Geeky

It’s not all about having lots of fun with technology. In the Good and Geeky Books also look at serious stuff like how to use cryptography to protect your data in emails. It seems most people don’t know sending an email is the equivalent of sending a postcard. As it wings its way through the system it’s possible for bad people to read whatever is in the email. I think it’s worth taking the time to set up encrypted emails on your system. It’s not that most of my emails contain sensitive information. However, if I do want to send something, for instance containing bank details or monetary transactions I would prefer to keep to myself, I can do so.