Best EV Charge Map Applications

My preferred application for finding charging points is Plugshare. I do have a number of others I have downloaded and I’m trying out. Electromaps is one people like to use here in Spain. I find it is a little bit slow to populate the map with the chargers and the Newmotion and Chargenet applications are similar in that respect. Let us have a look for the Best EV Charge Map Applications.

Best EV charge apps

Charging near Barcelona airport

Network Specific Apps

Some of the applications are specific to certain networks. Newmotion is very good if you are travelling in France but not so good if you’re in Spain. Nextcharge is another application I like. Plugshare is probably the best as it has a wide the range of charge points. Even so, it’s a good idea sometimes to look at other applications if the place where you are is seemingly scarce of charging points. EV box is another network which has its own application. Electricity providers like Iberdrola have applications showing chargers. IBIL is a small network in Spain with an app and is for chargers on the Repsol forecourts.

NewMotion app

Best EV Charge Map Applications NewMotion

Plugshare vs Chargemap

I’ve just been checking out Chargemap which seems quite a useful looking application. It’s not totally up-to-date with the chargers in my local area. At least it seems possible to add charge point as you can with pleasure. It gives it more of a chance of being up-to-date with new charge points. Plugshare lets you do the crowd share of information for charge points too.

RFID cards and App Options

It’s a good idea to have as many or if ID cards and applications to help you find and use the vehicle charge points. This is because of charges which may be out of action for whatever reason. Also there is the possibility that an RFID card you have might not work when you want it to. You need to have a Plan B and a plan C to take into account The various difficulties you might run into when on a longer journey.

Electric Car Charging

How many long trips are you likely to take?

For 95% of the time you won’t need to use any of these applications or RFID cards because you’ll be charging up from home. Looking at the options I have for charging in France 🇫🇷 I feel confident to go on a long journey going north from Catalonia. I don’t feel quite so confident for travelling around Spain 🇪🇸.

Here is a list of all of the Best EV Charge Map Applications I have on my iPhone to find charge points.

  • Plugshare
  • Newmotion
  • Nextcharge
  • Chargemap
  • Electromaps
  • AMB
  • Plugsurfing
  • IBIL
  • OpenChargeMap
  • Chargepoint App
  • Easy Charger
  • KiWhi Pass
  • Chargenet

That’s quite a few. Mostly I look at Plugshare first. Newmotion if in France. I used IBIL twice in Barcelona before I had the Barcelona Live card and had worked out how to use the AMB app to get free charging. When I do my long trip around the Iberic peninsular the Iberdrola app will get used. Their 200 charge points are still to be installed. Impossible to sign up using their app. Better to do the trip next year when there will be more chargers installed. I’m still looking for more Best EV Charge Map Applications.

Good things in apps

  • Chargepoints which are in operation now. Rather than coming soon.
  • Crowdsourced information – better up to date information.
  • Trip planning. Plugshare and Nextcharge do this well.
  • Apps which let you activate the charge point.
  • Apps with information about cost of using the charger.
  • Apps with information on how to use/activate the charger.
  • Apps which show the chargers quickly on the map.
  • Apps letting you reserve or book a charger.
  • Live information showing state of charger. In use, reserved, broken
  • Links from the charger info to map apps for directions.

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  1. […] easily pull in and check it out. I kept on driving and when able to, stopped to have a look at the PlugShare app for the next available charge point. The best one in front of me was the charger at Diagonal. Just […]


  2. […] de Conflent. That one was a slow charging point, type II Mennekes and again I was able to use the Newmotion card. The battery of the car really didn’t need much, if any charge, but I wanted to try out this […]


  3. […] is ElectroMaps. It doesn’t show any electric vehicle charging points in the city of Sevilla. In PlugShare I can see that there is a rapid charger at a Repsol petrol station and another one at the Nissan […]


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