Bittersweet Symphony – Nissan Leaf 2018

This morning I got a call from Nissan customer assistance and the guy was as useless as before. Basically just telling me they couldn’t do anything and suggesting I could cancel the order if I wanted to. It makes you think they don’t want to sell me the Nissan Leaf.

Later in the day I speak to the year the dealership as recommended by Alberto who works a a Nissan dealer. He tells me that the silver Tekna wasn’t available after all. Or maybe he was telling me it was available and he would get back to me with the price. I’m kind of losing track of all of this. At some point in time he told me the silver tekna would not be available but that they would have two cars of the launch model available. The price was not terribly attractive at €33,500 for a 2.Zero. I’d rather spend the extra and get the top of the range.

One more look at the Ioniq

I went into Girona to meet my wife and to go to the Hyundai dealership. Before going in the showroom made a few phone calls. After speaking with the La Maquinista dealer I thought we might as well give Dani in Terrassa one more try. Unbelievably my red car is in the dealership. It has a arrived early. What a surpise! Why didn’t he get on the phone immediately to let me know. Maybe that’s why I got a call from Nissan Customer Assistance this morning. Did they know the car was there? He never said anything. We are still trying to talk the salesman into getting the price down even just a little bit. On one hand he says he can’t help and then later when we call he tells us he’ll try and put it through on the next government incentive. Personally, I don’t think that will work. I think I saw somewhere a rule saying that the petition for the government incentive has to go in at the same time or before the car is ordered. This car has been ordered since January and so I don’t think that’s going to fly.

I should be jumping up and down with joy to finally be getting the car of my dreams. It’s bittersweet due to the messing about I have had to endure for the last few months. The endless delays and disappointments due to lies by the dealer and red tape from the government in the form of limits on the time incentives available for. The Nissan customer assistance department is woeful in its behaviour.

Here’s the money – Give me the car.

Started to discuss sending money to get the process underway. It was after that the salesman suggested we should wait until he’d figured out if it is possible to do something with the government incentive money which starts in June. He doesn’t know when in June it begins and it could delay the car by another month or more. I’ve got to the point where if the car is in the garage waiting to go out and I can get the money to pay for it I’d rather push forward and be driving the bloody thing. He was initially talking about me sending money next week and it being ready to collect the week after. I was ready to start sending money today and have them start to get the car ready for collection at soonest possible moment.

I don’t trust these people.

I may drive out there on Monday and he can show me the car. I feel like I can’t trust these people and I’d rather see for myself that the car is in the workshop being got ready. It’ll give me something to do on Monday on my day off. Used car salesmen are a shitty bunch, even when selling a new car.

I need to start getting the information I need in order to set up the insurance for the car. I wonder what is needed by the insurance company. Would I be able to set it up using the VIN number, or do I have to wait until it’s been registered in my name and I have the car registration number. Hopefully I can still get the deal offered by the insurance company for €100 for the year.


Still finding it difficult to believe that my car could be with me soon. If I wasn’t working tomorrow I would go there in the morning to see it for myself.

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