Catalan Strike Blocked Roads – Leaf Trip

Lots of driving in Rosie the Nissan Leaf

With having my family here for the last couple of weeks I haven’t been able to do much in the way of podcasting, video making or writing. On the other hand, I have travelled a lot of kilometres in Rosie the 2018 Nissan Leaf. I feel really comfortable with the range the car has. I don’t feel I have much in the way of range anxiety at all. The day before yesterday my son and I got up really early to go to the airport. It was earlier than previous trip to the airport the day before because of a strike taking place in Catalonia. It was our hope we be early enough so we would miss all the fun and games out on the roads. The Catalan separatists don’t just go on strike but they also block the roads. At 5 o’clock in the morning we were doing great until we hit a huge traffic jam on the motorway. The Catalans had got out early and had set fire to the motorway. What they do is to drag a pile of tyres out onto the motorway and set it alight. We were stuck in this traffic jam for about an hour. Eventually the firefighters were able to clear one lane to allow people through. As we went through we could see the mess on the road even though all of the flames had been put out. Gave up after that and went home, didn’t even get half way to the airport. More traffic jams on the way back too. Five hours of our lives gone never to be seen again. At least we were comfortable in the Leaf. Love the Tekna seat for the comfort.

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Decisions, decisions – What to do next?

As always I was using Waze while driving. With the time wasted in the traffic jam and the ever more distant time of arrival showing in Waze. If we travelled further it was certain we would run into more problems. The time lost brought us into the heavy duty commuter traffic. This would be even heavier due to more people driving rather than using public transport. It was much more of a sensible plan to stay at home rather than go anywhere. We were left with no choice, but to turn round and go home. The plan was to take the non-motorway roads to get back home. This was going okay until we ran into another traffic jam. Another half an hour wasted. Finally found a turnoff to get back onto the motorway going in the home direction. We got lucky and the motorway journey back home worked out okay.
One of the good things about having an electric car is that while you are sitting in a traffic jam you are using very little energy. During the hour while waiting Rosie used about 3% of the battery because it was cool enough to need heating. Using the LED headlights wasn’t much of a drain. Even so, when we arrived back at the house Rosie certainly needed to be plugged in. I think we had got down to about 20% left in the battery. It wasn’t really that efficient of a drive to the traffic jam and back home again. I knew we would get back home again and there were a couple of places I could plug-in along the way if absolutely necessary.

Getting the level of the battery back up again.

When I arrived back home again it was early enough that it could still take advantage of the cheaper level of electricity. The lower rate is available until midday. I wasn’t able to leave it on long enough to get it completely fully charged. However, went out on a small trip to the local town where there is a Type II Mennekes charger. It was a beautiful sunny day and just perfect for a trip to walk along the seafront. I was able to add more to the battery for free while enjoying the promenade.

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