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I came out to a local town and check out the new charging point newly available. It’s a fast charger and not a rapid charger. On the front there are two doors one says charging 22 kW and the other one says charging normal 6 kW. The charger I’m using is the 22kW which has the type two socket. I’ve not looked, but I expect the other to be a shuko socket. I’ll only get 3kW out of that one and have to use the slow granny cable. 

Llagostera Charging

Llagostera EV Charging

Pleasant wee place, with the charger in the town square centre. Not much going on at this time of the day. Quiet and not many people wandering around so little chance of people watching entertainment. 

There are two bays for charging and no signs with regulations. Perhaps that’s why the eNV200 Van next to me, is parked and not plugged in. The van belongs to the town so the driver probably thinks he has a right to park there if he wants. 

Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar Charging

At my previous stop the charging post had two type two sockets. One was being used by a BMW i3 driver. Typical to see when I got back after my forty five minutes to see it still there, thirty minutes over the two-hour limit. The other Nissan Leaf driver who turned up after me had put a notice on the windscreen telling him to respect the time limit. 

There’s another charger in the town at the seafront. I took a spin down there on my electric scooter. It’s a T2 and shuko combination. Only one bay for a car to pull in. 

Still more chargers needed

My own nearest local town doesn’t have a charger yet. I’ll see if I can bring it up at the next public meeting. There should be one. The next town has two fast chargers and will soon have a three headed rapid charger inaugurated. There’s even another Rapid only about 4km away from that, also nearly ready for public use. 

It’s not like the small towns and villages in France just on the other side of the border. Just about every small place has a public charging point. 

A Minor Icing

While I was sitting in the car, the town owned van moved away. Not too long after that a little old lady came in and parked an ICE car. There wasn’t much point in me getting out and saying anything. There are no signs to tell people to not park unless charging. She was only there for approximately five or ten minutes maximum.

A Little Bit of Writing

My first stop this morning was to do some shopping. Extended the time out a little by going for a spin on my electric scooter. That was fun! It was on the way home I stopped in this other town to check out their new electric vehicle chargers. It was also because I wanted to take advantage of the free electricity. I can connect to most of these chargers for free using the BCN Live RFID card. I’m comfortable in my car with the heated seats and the heat exchanger warming up the cabin. I like to get out the iPad and do some work. Today though I decided to work using just the iPhone. I was using the Swipe keyboard instead of dictation. The only reason for this was because I wanted to listen to some music while working. Rosie makes a great office.

Since My Last Post On EV20Q

I’ve taken a couple of trips to the mountains. The latest one worked very well. I had more weight in the car I had to take account of. It went well with the charging points along the way too. The first stop was for free in the Nissan dealer. The next one was in Perpignan at the shopping centre. It wasn’t free, but I think it was still pretty cheap. I haven’t even checked how much it cost. Then there was one more stop along the way and I used a fast charger rather than a rapid charger. I didn’t really need any extra electrons, but seeing as I was stopped anyway. With the RFID card I have for that particular charger the cost was only around €1.50.

Rosie News

Rosie Charging in BCN

Rosie, my Nissan Leaf now has 29k kms on the clock. The only cost apart from the electric has been a new wiper blade on the driver side. Tyres are still looking good. Still have the small mark on the car, front offside which I saw after one month of ownership. Also scraped the bumper on the rear offside. Don’t know how either scrape happened. Inside, the car is still like new. Totally happy with the car although I’d be happier if I had the newer version with the 62kWh battery. It would give me an extra bit of breathing room for the longer trips. It’s not worth the extra cost though for the extra convenience I’d have. I don’t mind stopping and charging. Before electric I would keep driving on even if tired. That’s a bit dangerous. A surprisingly large number of actions happen when drivers are tired.

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