EV Nicolas Raimo – Renault Zoe Driver

EV20Q Talking to Nicolas Raimo – EV Nick the Renault Zoe Driver

Buying a Renault Zoe secondhand

In this interview with EV Nick we have a chat about all things electric vehicle. Nick is a happy Renault Zoe driver. He bought the car second hand and got a good deal helped by the fact he works in the motor industry. This also gives him the chance to drive a variety of vehicles and he tells me recently took home the BMW I8 for the evening. With his Italian roots it’s obvious he’s going to be anti Brexit like myself. But this podcast is all about electric vehicles and not about politics.

Losing his Car

It’s good to get talking to a Renault Zoe driver because I usually get talking more with Nissan Leaf owners. Nick’s car is a 22 kWh model which he bought to satisfy this urge to drive an electric car. He was even prepared to move house to get a place where he could easily charge electric vehicle. Why not! Electric vehicles are the future after all. It seems that the car has been swiped from him by his girlfriend who initially was against the idea of driving electric. Now she has it she wouldn’t swap it for all of the tea in China. Driving an electric vehicle kind of does that to you. Another Renault Zoe driver…

Fully Charged Live

During our chat we talked about his visit to the Fully Charged Live event which recently took place in Silverstone in the UK. He donated some of his time there to ferrying people from the car park to the event which was a short distance away. It seems the Renault Zoe owners club and a whole bunch of Tesla drivers were happy to do this. It wasn’t just enthusiastic electric vehicle owners at the event there were also a lot of people interested and still driving cars with internal combustion engines. It would have been a good introduction to electric vehicles with getting a lift in a Tesla.

No Apple CarPlay in the Zoe

Good talking to such an enthusiastic EV driver / Renault Zoe driver who advocates driving electric on his YouTube channel. I wouldn’t have a Zoe myself because it doesn’t to Apple Carplay. I have to have the car suit the phone I use because I can’t stand Android.

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  1. Thanks for asking me to take part in this interview, it was great chatting to you.


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  6. Rodney Slatter 23/07/2019 at 11:50

    Hi Nicholas
    Has a keen viewer of your , Youtube channel.
    I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me either on youtube our by reply

    1, I have noticed that Formula E cars use gearboxes of between 2 and 5 speed.
    I appreciate this will increase the weight of any vehicle, but I am surprised that no EV manufacturer has not considered adding an overdrive gear that could be engaged at speeds above say 50mph.
    This would increase the potential range of the battery at motorway speeds, without the necessity of increasing the capacity or weight of extra batteries
    Or the GKN Integrated ‘eTwinsterX’ system

    2, If I use an EV for very low weekly mileage , what would be the problem of just using the mains granny cable only, to say here in the UK , 10 hours charge giving
    about a 30 % charge to the battery each evening, therefore giving a very low rate of charge,
    I was always told that it was better to prolong the life of a battery by giving it a trickle charge.

    Surely this would reduce the potential build up of dendrites , extending the battery life.
    I appreciate that there would still be a need to occasionally rapid charge ?

    I would appreciate your comments
    Best Regards
    Rod Slatter


  7. Rodney Slatter 23/07/2019 at 14:47

    Hi Nicholas
    There are companies looking at 2 speed EVs, like ZF:

    see https://press.zf.com/press/en/releases/release_10181.html



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