EV20Q Podcast featuring Paul Shadwell

I took great pleasure in interviewing Paul Shadwell for the EV20Q podcast to talk to him about his electric cars. I’ve interviewed Paul before on a podcast about using Mac and other Apple products. We also met at a Twitter meet up in Liverpool, England. A good guy to talk to about the Renault Zoe and the Tesla Model S.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is a gateway drug to electric vehicles

Paul tells me they visited the Renault dealership to check out available cars. The salesman showed them the Renault Zoe electric vehicle and after a short test drive, Paul and his girlfriend were hooked. Living in Switzerland means it’s necessary to drive up hills and Paul was amazed that the little Zoe exhibited good acceleration in these situations. It wasn’t too long after living the Renault Zoe electric car experience Paul checked out the Tesla model S. With the longer range available with the bigger and more luxurious car it would be perfect for longer journeys. He did do a couple of slightly longer journeys with the Zoe that maybe is better suited to using around the town.

Charging the cars

It seems there are plenty of Tesla Superchargers around Switzerland and in fact there are superchargers dotted all around Europe. They are a maximum of about 200 km apart and many of them much closer. We discussed how easy it is to plan a journey using the software in the Tesla. The in car navigation system will show all of the superchargers on a route. This made it easy for Paul to drive the car to Disneyland in Paris. He’s also done trips to the UK and to the south of France in the Tesla.

It’s not just electric cars

Personally, I’m not fond of the large and unwieldy Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Paul on the other hand is an aficionado of those sorts of motorcycles. We talked briefly about the latest news from Harley Davidson to say they are working on an electric motorbike. I’ve seen a photograph of the electric Harley-Davidson and it does look quite nice. I still think that the diehard followers of that type of bike are not going to like it. I would like to ride one of those Zero Electric bikes as they are supposed to be extremely nippy and fun to ride.

Harly Davidson Electric

The Geneva motor show

The Geneva motor show is coming up soon and Paul will be going there to check out the latest electric vehicles. It’ll certainly be cool to check out the iPace electric Jaguar. I’m sure there will be plenty of other electric cars to drool over at the Geneva motor show. I wouldn’t surprised if the the new concept cars are there from Volkswagen. I have already started to save money for the iBuzz which should be on the roads in 2022.

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