EV20Q Podcast – Mike Ward in Jersey

Talking to Mike Ward about EV’s and the Nissan Leaf

Mike is in the fortunate position of having three electric cars in the family. Indeed, extra fortunate that it is three Nissan Leaf vehicles parked on his front drive. He runs the Facebook group ‘I Spotted a Nissan Leaf’ which is where you can send a photo or just make a post to say you have seen a Nissan leaf in the wild. It’s a bit like ‘EV Bingo’ for just one make and model of car. It’s all a bit of fun really!

Nissan Leaf

A New Nissan Leaf Is Ordered

We talk about how Mike has taken the Nissan Leaf 2018 model for a drive and has put in an order for the car. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets his car before I get mine! He decided the features upgrade available on the new model are sufficient to make it well worth swapping one of the older models for a new Nissan Leaf.

The Channel Islands and Bergerac

Mike lives on the island of Jersey which is off the French coast, but is a part of the UK. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit because it always looked so picturesque in that TV series with a detective who drove around in a nice red old car. The series was called Bergerac featuring the actor John nettles and the car he drove was a 1947 Triumph. John nettles later wanted to live on the island but found it impossible to do so.

Jersey and Electric Vehicles

He tells me he’s seen three or four Jersey registered Tesla’s on the island. The small islands are perfect for the smaller vehicles and especially if their electric. They tend to have narrower roads and you can’t really clock up much mileage going from one end of the island to the other. Mike says there are quite a few electric cars registered and there are electric car chargers in many of the car parks. The car parking and the electric car charging is not terribly expensive. It would be mostly useful for tourists to the island because it would be difficult with a car like the 2018 Nissan Leaf to run out of range. When he tested the car he had it for a day and was unable to use all of a full battery. Mike had to give the car back with 39% still left available.

Old Smokers on Jersey

I was surprised when Mike told me that there is no MOT test in the Channel Islands. In the UK when a car is over three years old it needs to be tested every year. This isn’t the case in Jersey or Guernsey and because of this it’s likely to find old smokers pumping out more CO2 and particulates than would otherwise be the case. If a vehicle is still running the owner is less likely to change it. It can be costly to put a car through an MOT, sometimes to the point when it’s better to just upgrade to a new car. It could take some time and maybe a change in the regulations for the changeover from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles in the Channel Islands.

Listen to the Podcast

In the podcast we talk about plenty of other things as Mike is knowledgeable on the subject of electric vehicles. With three Nissan Leafs on his drive it’s unlikely if he’ll ever go back to driving an ICE car. He has said he will use a plug-in hybrid car for a long journey he is planning to make due to his experiences last time when going through France.

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