Nissan Leaf Accessories – Are they worth the money?

Sometimes I’m quite dumbfounded by the need some have to buy various Nissan Leaf Accessories for the car. When you’ve already spent a pile of money buying a top quality, top of the range and well designed car why spend more money on extra bits and pieces. I can understand if it’s something that’s going to be useful or functional in one way or another, but when it is just to slightly enhance the look, I have to wonder. If it’s a matter of just a couple of dollars or euros, then why not. If it’s to the point of spending a few hundred or thousands of Euros and it doesn’t have any useful function then I am flabbergasted.

What about Wheels?

Buying another set of wheels just because you think they look better than the originals is probably a waste of money. Obviously if you have that amount of money and it’s burning a hole in your pocket then go for it. It’s your money and it’s completely up to you. Maybe having another set of wheels is a good idea if you live somewhere where you need different tyres for safety during the winter. Changing the wheels from 17 inch to 16 inch wheels to give you better fuel economy could be worthwhile. I do kinda wonder why the top of the range models with the Nissan Leaf come with the bigger wheels. You can go further when you are running with the 16 inch.

Just To Make It Pretty

Many of the people in the Facebook group for the 2018 Nissan Leaf owners seem to like the plastic trim you can get to put in between the panels on the inside of the door. It does look kind of nice and it doesn’t cost much and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of visual pleasure. Then you have those fripperies such as the extra lighting you can put into the footwell of the car. Not sure why you’d want to be able to see your feet as you are driving. It’s at the same level as the twiddly bits you can get to put on to the sills. Some of them are just chrome and some of them light up.
It does look kind of nice…

Wrap It Up In Vinyl

Then there’s Nissan Leaf Accessories people buy in order to change the look of the car which varies somewhere in between daft visual adornment and useful. If you live where the weather is terrible and plays havoc with the paintwork, maybe it’s a good idea to pay a lot of money for one of the ceramic coatings. Or you could go for a full wrap using vinyl where you get the protection and a complete change of look with a different colour or a fancy design. With the cost of some of the accessories you have to wonder if maybe some owners are making their car just a bit too precious. It is still mainly a device for going from A to B after all.
Nissan Leaf Accessories
Colin C. Cleverly did a good job of this

Design, form and function

Over the last four years I’ve been driving the car which has a flat space when opening the boot. Now have the Nissan Leaf which has a cavernous space into which you can throw all sorts of junk. My junk get lost in there and it is extremely messy in the boot. So I decided to purchase the genuine Nissan boot organiser which is shaped specifically for the space. It brings the height of the boot to the same as the opening. This could be handy if ever I want to do some camping and sleep in the car. Sling a mattress on top and be totally snug and comfortable in the car. The organiser has two main compartments plus dividers you can put in between, to further segregate the spaces. Now this is at the more useful end of the scale for Nissan Leaf Accessories you can get for the car.
Nissan Leaf Accessories
People living in parts of the world where roads are in poor condition and are made worse with wet weather, go for the mud flaps you can put by the wheels. This is to stop some of the spray containing stones and salt splashing the bodywork. This is obviously going to be useful addition to your Nissan Leaf Accessories and well worth having in some environments.

Pretty shark fin – Nissan Leaf Accessories

If the radio works fine with the standard aerial why do you need to change it one which looks like a shark’s fin? The shark fin arial seems to be not very easy to add to the car and therefore costs a fair bit in labour. Unless you want to spend a few hours struggling and doing it yourself. I suppose they could be worthwhile if you regularly put your car through a car wash. The shark fin antenna does work better where those big mechanical brushes are concerned. One reason to make the change which makes sense.

Elegance pack

In the page for Nissan Leaf Accessories they call it elegance and what you get is side mouldings, lower boot trim and some exterior mirror trim. It doesn’t do much apart from add a bit of glitter on top of the car. A few extra things to keep clean or polish and the price of it on the Nissan website is nearly €500. For me at that price it is a waste of money. However pretty it looks.

Enhanced stupid

Smoking is stupid because it’s dangerous for the health and with Nissan you can choose to shine a light on it with a illuminated ashtray for your car. Smelly and ridiculous why would you want to pollute your car. But then if your lungs are filthy black sacks then what does it matter if your car is disgusting too.

Charge me up and fast

When you get the car it comes with a granny charging cable. (It doesn’t charge grannies 😉 ). It’s given the granny moniker due to its slowness of operation for charging the vehicle. The cable does get the job done but sometimes doing the job twice as fast is necessary. This makes the addition of a Type 2, level 2 charger in your garage or on your driveway a worthwhile investment. These are important Nissan Leaf Accessories.
There are other possibilities for purchases to enhance the charging experience. I don’t know if it’s possible or desirable to have a converter in case you want to plug into a type I socket. There could be occasions where having a longer cable would be useful. Perhaps if your charging point has been ICE’d you’d still be able to get a charge by parking a little bit further away. Ten metre cables are available.

Long-term useful – Solar panels

If you are able to add solar panels to your house you get the extra benefits of charging your car for free at time of use. If you own an electric car you’re going to have a shorter payback time for the capital cost of the solar panels. What would be really nice would be to have vehicle to grid technology also. Fill up the battery of the car during the daytime with free electric and have the option of using some of that in the evening time. Perhaps combine this with one of the Tesla type home batteries. You can charge these up with free electricity during the day and move the electrons into your car and the house during peak time. This would be a long-term set of accessories for the car and also the house – Well worth thinking about.

Different Folks Different Strokes

Nissan leaf Accessories
Everybody has different needs for their vehicle concerning Nissan Leaf Accessories. Everyone will will have a varying amount of need or desire to keep the car in pristine condition. The amount of personalisation is infinite and dependent on the individual. You could have to carry around certain types of equipment regularly and therefore need specific ways of doing that efficiently. Maybe where you work you have to park underneath trees and the best thing to buy would be an exterior car cover. Protect your car from the poop bombing birds. Maybe you don’t like not having a spare wheel in the car and you can find a way to remedy that problem. There’s plenty of space in the boot anyway although it is extra weight to have to carry around. If you regularly have a dog in the car you’ll need extra equipment and protection for the interior. Whatever suits you and makes your Electric vehicle your perfect vehicle. Whic are your favourite Nissan Leaf Accessories? Electric Car trip to Cadaques

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  1. I’ll let you know when I get my Nissan Leaf boot organiser. It will make such a difference in the boot of my car. Yes I know you Americans call it a trunk.


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