Nissan Leaf Charged up in France – Using a CHadeMo Charger

One of my reasons to be happy about getting a Nissan Leaf for this year and especially during the summertime is to have it as an escape route for my days off. The idea is to jump in the car and go somewhere and enjoy discovering places nearby. As well as giving me a day out I get a chance to test the capabilities and the public charging infrastructure for the car. I have recently taken trips to France and to the Garrotxa region of Catalonia. Last week I was unable to do a trip due to having to leave my Nissan Leaf in the workshop to get the radar sensor fixed. When I went to collect the vehicle three days later I did get a chance to have a drive around Barcelona looking for charging points. It may seem a little bit weird to think along the lines of a good day out being a hunt for a charging point for my Nissan Leaf. It does kill two birds with one stone though and the visit to various towns and cities is enjoyable. I certainly enjoyed the trip to the Gorge de La Fou in France and coming back via Perpignan. The visit to the town of Olot was lovely and also successful for charging my car. I got my Nissan leaf charged in Olot.

A Trip to France – Nissan Leaf Charged Again

This week the plan is to go to France again. Last time I wanted to go to a town to the north-east of Perpignan, but ended up going to somewhere different. Today we will go to the planned destination. I now have more charging options available to me. I particularly want to test charging in Perpignan because it’s the halfway point to a holiday destination for me. I’ll need to pull in and stop when I go to Lake Matamale to make sure I have enough juice to get to the top of the Pyrenees. I now have the RFID card to use the charging point at the shopping centre. I know exactly where to find the charging point in the large car park. There is also the Nissan dealer not far away that which is only available during their working hours. Over time I want to give both of those a try. The visit today is at the coast and there is a lagoon or lake which we can drive around. I’m expecting it to be a pleasant visit as I can see on the map it is a tourist destination. It has campsites and other amenities. There is a tourist information centre where we’ll be able to have the Nissan Leaf charged up. We will go straight there this time and not get detoured into a shopping centre. It can be a bit of a waste of time running around looking at shops. Mind you, it was useful to get some charge into the car and to get some food into our bodies at the same time.

Nissan Leaf Charged

Getting Past Application Confusion

Next time the plan will be to go to Barcelona. I now have the Barcelona charge card for free electric vehicle charging in the city. I’m really keen to give that a try. I also now know how to use an application for activating free public charges by AMB. I had been trying to press buttons within the application and been completely unsuccessful. A kind person on Twitter informed me it was necessary to slide from right to left in order to make the activation happen. I had tried to do a slide gesture but I must have been going in the wrong direction or starting from the wrong point on the screen.

Misinformed and Frustrated

I found my trip to the city of Barcelona slightly frustrating. The first charging point required a charging card specifically for that town. It may also be possible to use the Barcelona chargecard. I’ll have to give that a try sometime. The second charger I tried was the AMB charger which I couldn’t activate. The third charger was by Ajuntament Barcelona which I expected to be able to use my Girona Ajuntament electric vehicle charge card. This was unsuccessful and I have to have a look at the information again on the Girona website. I felt sure it told me I could use in Barcelona as well. I was misinformed. The fourth charger I went to was one I had used before and one when I had to pay for the electrons. I was happy to get some charge into the battery of the car. Rosie the Nissan Leaf charged and ready for action.

Easy Driving Technology

I must have spent about three hours driving around Barcelona and you’d think I would be tired and grumpy. Because of using the one pedal driving available with the 2018 Nissan Leaf I was surprisingly fresh. E-Pedal is fantastic. Driving the car back home on the motorway using the Pro Pilot Assist was easy going. I was still in good condition when I arrived back at the house. Extremely happy the Pro Pilot Assist and the intelligent cruise control had been fixed with the new radar sensor. Also delighted to have my car back after three days of driving a petrol car with gears. It’s so much easier to have a single speed vehicle with easy driving technology. I love my Leaf…

I don’t care about Rapidgate

I also need to do a longer trip of around about 500 km so I can test Rapidgate to see how it affects me. I’m of the opinion it won’t have any impact at all. I’m happy to drive for 200 km and spend 30 to 40 minutes charging back to 80%. Then driving another 160 km and taking however long necessary to charge the battery enough for the last leg of the journey. I’m sure the second break will need to be longer for me to have a proper rest and food. I find it a little difficult to understand why there are people complaining about #rapidgate with the Nissan Leaf 2018. Then again, there are some people who have two drivers for one car and so don’t need the same amount of rest time. They can swap drivers in order to continue the journey. I suppose they will want to spend less time getting their Nissan Leaf charged for the next leg of the journey.

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