Nissan Leaf Tekna – Rosie Red True Love

This morning I took a trip to Barcelona to the dealership where my car is waiting for me. The red Nissan Leaf Tekna named Rosie. When I woke up this morning I didn’t know if I was going to be able to call in and see my new car. There is a public holiday in Barcelona, but fortunately it didn’t extend out as far as the Nissan dealership in Terrassa. It was an uneventful drive along the motorway and I got there in one piece. I walked into the showroom and the salesman Dani spotted me and took me over to my Nissan Leaf.

Love at First Sight

The combination of a rich red paintwork on the body with the black highlights around the car was stunning. The tinted rear windows and the black C pillar look fantastic and on the rear of the car there is a blue highlight giving it that little bit extra oomph. This matches the blue highlights you see on the vee shape of the front grille. I had a good look all around the car from all angles and I was delighted to get the key and have a sit inside. The car screams quality and style with the blue stitching in the seats and in parts of the dash. You also see the blue stitching around the steering wheel. It was a real pleasure to sit inside Rosie the Nissan Leaf Tekna.

Nissan Leaf

Time to play with the car electronics

The size of the centre screen in the console seems a little bit small. It is a reasonably good resolution screen and responsive to my touch. Using the on-screen buttons I was able to make my way around the controls and also the views with the cameras. There’s plenty of things to be set up and adjusted to my liking. I can see I’ll be spending an hour or two fiddling with all the settings. I’m particularly looking forward to connecting up my Apple iPhone and sorting out Apple Carplay. I’ll get the connection going with Bluetooth as well, but the Carplay requires the lightning cable. I don’t think it’s possible to use Waze with Apple Carplay which is a bit of a shame. I’ve got quite used to using Waze as my driving application in the Renault Clio.

Inside the Nissan Leaf

There is another screen in front of the driver behind the steering wheel. There are buttons on the steering wheel to access the different levels of view and settings. Again there are plenty of settings requiring personalisation within these menus. I expect I’ll refine my needs on this screen in time after driving and seeing which settings I like. It’s possible to define a default screen and which is best depends upon the type of driving I’ll be doing most often. A couple of times while playing with these menus I found it difficult to back out to the main screen. At one point I switched the car off and booted it back up again to get back to the start. There’s a nice animation you see when starting the car up, but this can also be switched off if you want.

Nissan Leaf Tekna Comfort

The driving seat is incredibly comfortable and of course this is important if you’re going to be sitting in it for a long trip. Today I didn’t spend any time sitting in the passenger seat. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of legroom for the passenger, but there’s probably enough. I did jump into the back seat and I was pleased to see it was possible to get my feet slightly underneath the driver seat in front. When I was trying the car previously there didn’t seem to be any room to tuck away the toes. Maybe the seat height has been changed or adjusted. There was plenty of room for the passenger in the back seat behind my driving seat which was set for my usual legroom. That’s not the case when anyone wants to sit behind me in the Renault Clio. In that car I have to move my car seat one notch forward which is not quite so comfortable for me. Big plus point for the Red Nissan Tekna, Rosie.

Inside the Nissan Leaf Tekna

The Waiting Will Soon Be Over

I was surprised when the salesman suggested he’ll be able to get the government incentive money sorted out. I was expecting that if it was possible he would delay me getting the car for another month or two. I wasn’t having any of that and I’m prepared to just pay for the car without the incentive if necessary. He’s going to tell me tomorrow if it’s possible. I am wondering if he will remember to send me the email he promised me today. He’s not been very good so far with his communication skills. This is one of the main reasons I’ve been so unhappy with the service from this Nissan dealership. I’d like to be to go and collect my car on my next day off and that is one week from today. I’ll have to get the train because my wife is going to be away. By using public transport I should arrive there little fresher than how I was today after driving down the motorway. I’ll be in tiptop condition for driving my car back home next week.

Fully Charged and Ready to Drive

When the car leaves the dealer showroom it’ll be fully charged. Today it was showing a charge level of 21% and it also has 64 km on the odometer. I only have just over 100 km to drive home, so when I get back I’ll still have plenty of juice left in the battery. Mind you, there is a huge possibility I might make a few detours along the way just to enjoy the driving experience. I’ll have the whole day to myself although I will have to get back to look after the dog.

Boomerang shape rear lights

Live video from inside Rosie the Tekna

For all the members of the group on Facebook for 2018 Nissan Leaf owners I recorded a live video. A little bit of chat about the car and a tour of Rosie inside and out. Thanks for all the well wishes from the members of the group. Many of them have been feeling my pain with all of the bad luck I seem to have had with my long wait and poor service from Nissan. It was good to have a few people watching the live view and sending me questions in, as I was recording. There were messages from people who are still waiting for their Nissan Leaf 2018. I fully understand how jealous they might be because I’ve been in that situation myself. It seems I’ve seen so many who’ve ordered their car months after my order went in, but got their car before me. Nissan have been very slow in getting the car delivered to Spanish customers. EV20Q Podcast Page.

Happy at last with Nissan Leaf Tekna

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things work out right for my Nissan Leaf Tekna from now on. I haven’t been too lucky so far with the purchase of this vehicle. Despite a very slight pessimistic feeling of impending doom today, I’m delighted and happy to be getting this close to driving off in my new Nissan Leaf Tekna called Rosie. Wish me luck for this coming week.

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