One Year Service on Nissan Leaf

Getting the car serviced

I arrived here on time at 9 o’clock and it’s taken a half an hour to get all the paperwork sorted to get the car into the garage. It was fairly simple and the man was helpful and tried to speak a little bit of English with me. He didn’t really need to as my Spanish is up to the task. There was a huge amount of paperwork and signing of things to be done. Things were printed out and also stuff was sent to my email address to sign and seal the deal. So between an hour and one hour 20 minutes to get the job done. There is a waiting area with a couple of vending machines and the seats could be more comfortable.

This is a much better dealership than the place where I bought the car. The other place wanted me to check the car in for the whole day. Waiting for about eight hours to get my car back. So I’m pretty pleased to get the job done here. At the Nissan Terrassa dealership they told me I would have to get any servicing done at their workshop, that was the deal with the car. That was a lie because the five services I’m allowed to have because I paid for them is through Nissan. Only thing I need to pay for today is to get the tyres changed from front to back and back to front.

Getting the BMS Update – Or Not

It took a little while to set it up, but he was able to find the information about the update to the BMS software. I’m looking forward to taking a long trip and seeing how this works out with the second and third rapid charges while out on the road. I should get a faster charge of about 30 kW when before it would be only 20kW.
At the end of it, they told me it was not available here in Spain. He said he would call Nissan and try to push it. If he will call, or if he will have any success is another thing.
To be honest, I am not that bothered. When I do long trips I need a decent length of a break the further I drive. If it needs a second or third rapid charge I also need more time to recuperate from the driving. It is safer in the big picture of travelling. Better to arrive in the final destination in one piece than not arrive at all. Accidents happen to tired drivers.

Bad Choices of the Past

I wish I had bought the car here in Girona. The office for the workshop is much nicer. They seem to know what they’re doing. Last time I went to Terrassa they didn’t seem to know anything about the electric car thing. I definitely made a mistake with my purchase last year. It would have been far better to buy somewhere local even if it cost a bit more. The guy booking the car in today was much friendlier and customer oriented. In the end having a good person to person experience is worth a lot too.

The Broken Fog Light

They called me into the workshop couple of times to have a look at a problem with the fog light. One of the fog lights was broken. He told me it was just hanging around loose in the space behind the light. Maybe not even connected. They seemed to think at first it was due to the transport of the car before I bought the car. After another 10 or 15 minutes and a closer look he decided it was a bump the car had, had. It was when I only had owned the car for a couple of weeks and someone must have bumped it in a carpark.
They suggested using insurance to get the whole thing fixed. The bodywork problem is hardly noticeable and doing that would increase the cost of the insurance for next time. I didn’t want to do that, so I told him to fix the light with glue and to leave the bodywork alone.

Tyres and Wheel Rotation

I’m also getting the wheels changed around. Moving the ones on the front to the rear and rears to the front. That is to even the wear between the two sets of wheels. The driven wheels at the front will take more punishment than the rears. We have 20,000km on the car so far. I probably won’t drive so far in the second year of ownership. Maybe the novelty has worn off now and I will relax more into electric car ownership.

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