Rubbish Rapidgate 500km Trip Nissan Leaf – No Problem

What’s All the fuss about Rapidgate?


I went 500km in one day and rapid charged 3 times and it fitted in perfectly with my personal needs to be fed and watered. Started with 100 percent in the battery and left for Perpignan in France. Charged there for about 20 minutes to get to about 85%. Next destination was Quillan where there is another CHadeMo charger. I also saw there was a Reveo charge point with two Type 2 right next to the CHadeMo. Had a walk around the town while eating ice cream and visiting the river which has a kayak slalom course. Got back to the car to find it up to 99%.

Live for the moment

Onwards back towards Perpignan and I saw a sign for Les Angles in the Pyranees only 48km away. I thought why the hell not… it was a long 48km due to the very windy nature of the road. When we got as far as Formigeres near to Les Angles the rain started. Great to have some cooler temperatures. So a short visit and headed to the route home down the mountain. started that leg with 52% in the battery and arrived in Villefranche de Conflent with 58%. I was hoping it would be more. At least the climb to the top didn’t use too much either. The car got some charge while I had a picnic using the Level 2 charger. I put in about 13% of battery. I didn’t even think about Rapidgate

Nearly Home

Next place was the charger in Girona Sud. Added enough to have a buffer to get home. Could have got back without but didn’t want to chance it. Always best to be cautious at that end of the battery range. 15 minutes of Chademo was enough. Basically I think Rapidgate is a bit of a nonsense. It only affects the outliers who use the Nissan Leaf completely differently from the general public.

Visiting France with Rosie

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  2. […] it was going in at 42 kW. The car was completely unaffected by the drive from home and the supposed Rapidgate problem. It was a fairly warm day although not blisteringly hot. The number of kilometres from home […]


  3. Rob Burrows 17/10/2018 at 08:20

    I simply don’t believe this account. It is fake news. The Advertising Standards Authority have confirmed experience based in their investigation that this vehicle will only rapid charge once a day. For example driving at up to 60mph until the battery was at 40 percent I could only charge at 27kWh and it was downhill from there – the outside temperature was 18c, not hot. It carried on overheating on driving back when it was only 7c.


    1. Why would I make stuff up? That is the account of my day out with my car. I was not *affected* by any slow downs of charging during the day. If I drive further then I need longer breaks anyway. There was no time when I was getting frustrated by the charging speed of my 2018 Nissan Leaf.
      The day of travelling was a warm day in the south of France and Northern Spain.

      Believe what you like but there was no lying in the story of my day. It is possible to rapid charge more than once a day and many 2018 Nissan Leaf owners will concur.

      Do you have a 2018 Nissan Leaf? What has your experience been like?


  4. […] I was quite impressed with the facilities there. It seems that it is a work in progress though. The rapid charger is at the bay closest to the exit of the car park at ground level. Due to the layout, only one bay […]


  5. […] card on another trip to France when I connected to another CHAdeMO charger. This was on my trip to Quillan which is on the other side of the Pyrenees from where I live. That was the trip where I decided to […]


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