Setting the Car Heating on a Timer

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One of the great things with a connected electric car is the ability to remotely turn on the heating or AC. There’s also the timer in the car to set it up. Where I live is a fairly warm climate, at least, it is warm for most of the year. So it’s not needed to get the car warmed to de-ice it before leaving home. I feel sorry for the poor souls who have to scrape the ice of the car in the morning before they can set off for work. I’m lucky to have a garage to put the car into and I’ve no need to leave it outside much. So I had the car for at least nine months before trying the feature to set the car temperature and have it just perfect for driving when I leave wherever.

Nissan Leaf

In the Nissan Leaf there are two timers which can be set independently. The second is redundant for me and my car for the moment. Only need to set it on the mornings I leave at 5 am. I have to admit it really is nice to get into a pre-heated car. Tell the car what time you expect to leave and the timer does the rest. For me, it is the height of comfort and luxury to get into a cosy car. All that is left to do, is to turn on the seat heater and maybe the steering wheel heat and I am totally toasty.

Leaf at the beach

I’ll also give this feature a try in the summer when the temperatures can hit 30 – 35 degrees Celsius. If I have to leave the car outside in the sun I’ll either use the app to send a command about 15 minutes before I leave to turn on the air conditioning. This could be really useful if the car is at a charger without shade. I’ll be really glad of the coolness of the car when I get in to begin my journey. When I’m at the beach I could set the AC to start when I am collecting my stuff together and leaving. By the time I get back to the car, it will be just the right temperature in the cabin.

If the car is connected to a charger while this preheating or cooling is happening, it will take the energy from the external power source. It isn’t going mean we will have less range for our drive. If the car isn’t connected it can use the power from the battery. There is a setting to allow this or not, as you prefer. After organising the car to be heated ready for me at 5:40 am on my early day of work each week I noticed there was an extra light illuminated on the switch panel for the heating in the car. It just lets you know you have your car heating automation set in the car computer. When you find you don’t need it anymore, you’ll know to go back and change the settings.

Nissan Leaf

Just one more thing I love about my 2018 Nissan Leaf. The only thing to wish for is the slowness of the remote connection through the app to improve. It really takes a long time for the app to make the connection to the car. This is if you want to use the app to look at the stats or whatever, as well as settings for the heating/AC.

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